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a sorta fairytale


my heart and my soul, i give YOU control <3
got this text from bien:
"ang happy ko today...parang everything is falling into place noh? hehehe! emo :)"

and i realized how blessed I am,  how God continues to make miracles for me and my loved ones.
to be honest, I got everything that I prayed for.

I have 2 months to figure out what i wanted. surprisingly, it's the best summer vacation ever! haha!

I had great time with my family (time is gold and we are supposed to spend it wisely, with people and things that matter)
I landed on my dream job (i got hired as Vibelle's Brand Officer...finally, after going through a lot of exams and interviews, i got into brand!!!)
I get to educate and help people thru Pru Life UK (I am a licensed financial consultant since April '15)
We are renovating our home, and Bien and I are making great plans for the future!

Amazing how God gives us the desires of our hearts. Bien tells me to be specific when i pray...and i think it really works!
I turn 29 in 2 days, and my heart is filled with gratitude. I love and trust you dear Lord...you know what's best for me.

UPFI time capsule
December 5,2007, we wrote our dreams in a starbucks tissue paper and went to UP Diliman to bury it. After 7 years, we decided na hukayin na to check what we have achieved already. May columns na self, career and love. Nakakatuwa..sometimes you forget how you were and it's amazing to see how you grew vs. that person 7 years ago. Thank you apol and maik for this exercise...ang funny kasi ang daming nakakita sa atin na naghuhukay, and they look puzzled kung anong kalokohan ang ginagawa natin.Glad i did this with you :)

Here's what i wrote:

- travel sa pilipinas, europe, asia
-be famous and beautiful
-have a car and a house/condo
-be rich...make mom and siblings rich
-support a charity
-send cousins to school
-be more religious
-be healthy
-touch other people's lives
-wag munang mamatayan
-be happy
-make good memories

-have a business (computer shop)
-have an apprentice
-teach in a university
-be legendary Ms. Kacey

-be loved and happily married
-have a healthy baby
-move on na, yung tipong walang regrets na nagbreak kami ni *** at ******

The greatest fighters support their fighter.

Wear your pride! Change your profile photo wearing a red bandana and share it with the hashtag ‪#‎ForEveryPinoyFighter‬. For every photo posted and shared, Pru Life UK will donate 10 pesos towards the relief of the Bantayan community. Because every Filipino fighter deserves our support.
Watch the video here:http://bit.ly/ForEveryPinoyFighter

"Take risks. If fyou win, you'd be happy. If you lose, you'd be wise."

After 7 years of being with Optima Digital, I've rendered my resignation. Reason is that i really want to spend more time with my son and partner. I grew up without my mom and my dad, and now that i am building my own family, i wouldn't want my son, Gabgab, to experience that.

When i planned my 2015, i didn't see this coming. But God knows perfect timing, and He led me to do this.

Of course I am scared. I can't sleep for several weeks. I've spent my adult life with this company. This is where I've met and fell in love with Bien, this is where I've almost given birth, this is where I've cried and laughed, played and grew up.

But I am turning 29 this year and priorities have changed. The company was my home, and will always have a special place in my heart.
I will forever be thankful for the lessons I've learned, the strength and wisdom it has given me.

It's time to move on... I am stepping out of my comfort zone and prove myself that i could be a hands on mom and a career woman at the same time.
I am leaving the busy world of post-production for now, and challenge myself to excel in marketing and brand management.
Back to square one, but I am trusting myself on this.

2013 rundown :D
2013 was a mix of ups and downs. it was a journey of self discovery for me too.
here are some highlights:

  • i have travelled to 2 countries in 2013. one in hongkong with bien and gab, and in thailand with apol and kriz. made trips to sumilon-dumaguete, pico de loro and baler too.

  • i submitted my resignation letter in october. this is because i wanted to spend more time with my son. but with the bosses convincing me, I decided not to leave Optima Digital. remember, quantity doesn't equal quality of time. i also learned to stand up for what's right and for how i feel. thank you she and reggie for keeping me sane and helping me open my eyes and see the real world. goodbye goody goody pa-sweet, naive self. i am stronger, bolder and wiser! Recently, i celebrated my 6th year in the company.

  • bid the toxic people goodbye. i finally learned that getting along with people well doesn't automatically count as friendship. discovered a lot of backstabbing incidents last year, but grateful, because i least i learned who the real ones are :p

  • made new friends. batong, pocholo and john became my support group during those times i'm having quarter life crisis. they were there, without judgment. bianca, fionna and japex came in my life later last year. it's amazing how these younger people have taught me so much already. they made me experience new things, and glad to find people who share the same passion for music, arts, and adventure.

  • put up an online shop with my bestfriend, phew. it was a dream come true for me to have my own business. and it's more meaningful because i'm sharing it with a friend. follow @labolsa_holics in instagram for high quality Philippine made bags.

for 2014, i want more travels,  more time with my family (siblings), more first time adventures and at the back of my mind, i want to get married already, but really not pushing. haha! bahala na si Lord, he knows what's right and i know that he'll grant the desires of my heart. 1383157_10151703755587957_1359142920_n



summer getaway 2013
summer keeps getting better! for gabgab at least :)

we spent the holy week in Pico De Loro and bought him to Ocean Park and Disneyland Hongkong a week after :)
I'm glad that he loves the beach as much as I do, and he loves traveling---my partner in the making :D

i am grateful for precious moments like these. <3


will i be a career woman or a full time mom?
i am on sick leave today.
i hate being sick but the good side of it is that i get to spend time with my son.
when i gave birth almost 2 years ago, i decided that i would go back to work. not that because bien cannot provide for us. i've always been a goal oriented person, and at age 25, i still need to be exposed to a lot of things to grow.  another reason is that i want my own money so that i could help my family and relatives, and i could buy whatever i want without bothering my partner. not to mention, my dreams of traveling and conquering the world.
Gabgab is turning 2 in 8 days. how fast time flies. Today, i get to spend 1 whole day with him and realized that i am missing a lot. 8 hours in the office seem short, but in the life of my kid, 8 hours is like a month. Anything can happen. each day i bet is unique for him. each day he is faced with new challenges. and it breaks my heart that i am not there for him.
i am not there to hold his hand when he saw something that scared him. I'm not  the one he hugged when he was excited. I'm not there to explain why that happened or how those things work.
I was sick today, but i fed, bathed, played, studied with him and i am so happy. so happy but i hated myself for each day that i spent in the office.
Maybe today will change everything. I dont have plans yet, but i am sure that being a mom is on the top of my list. second na lang yung pagiging billionaire. Haha!

(no subject)
i dont understand why some people choose to be negatrons.
nakakasad lang that everytime good things happen to people, they gang up, bash and be bitter.
why can they be happy that people are happy? i know i cant change them but it's really frustrating. they have good lives and lots of reasons to be grateful and celebrate yet they choose to stay that way. i feel so sorry for them, and sad that people with such negative energies and outlook exists.

the best christmas ever! :D
family! it's the best christmas gift i got! )



thank you 2012
All i have for 2012 is gratitude. There were ups and downs, but i came up on top, because i know what i wanted. 
Here's a rundown of the major points 2012 has taught me:

Sabi nila ako ang pinaka kuripot na kaibigan na pwede mong ma-meet. in terms of material things siguro, or luho, oo. It is because i value everything that i've worked for. Pero, giving and sharing is not measured by the amount of money you give people. It is how and when you share--not only money, food, clothing. The most important thing to share is love, care, passion, sympathy and support. i bet you, by doing this, you will change lives. and it will come back to you more than a thousand folds. proven sya. God returns the favor when you least expect it, at sobra sobra sa pinangarap mo. :)

I used to fear change. Gusto ko steady lang. But then i realized that i cannot control everything. Sometimes, all you have to do is go with the flow and embrace what's planned for you. Dahil natutunan ko na lahat ng chapter ng buhay natin is meant to teach us lessons. 2012 gave me lots of options. sa trabaho, sa mga kaibigan, sa puso. but then you have to choose. you let go of things, you let go of some people, you let go a part of yourself. and by letting go, i gained new friends, gained confidence and gained maturity. 

This is my ultimate luho!!! I love traveling, I'm glad I've influenced some people to travel with me. New places, new people, new experiences. You'll never know how one place could affect your life,  if you immerse your whole being with it :D Sorry kung mina-maximize ko ang mga vacation leaves ko. Haha. Someday, I will be able to conquer the world!!!

My love life is not perfect. Pero sabi nga sa pelikulang One More Try, "I don't need a perfect wife (or husband. hehe), I just need a happy family". BOOM! I agree! Bien and i have our own share of heartaches this year. But i am glad that though we've been through difficult things, we came out even stronger. And i am sure, if we plan to be together for the rest of our lives, marami pang sakit sa ulo, at sakit sa pusong pagdadaanan. But i never doubted the love that we have. Because i know in my heart and soul, that he is the one. Naman! at kahit hindi pa kami kasal, that's not an issue. Marriage doesn't guarantee a happy life. Darating din yan. Ang importante, you have someone who will love you for who you are. 

I've always dreamt of having a happy family. Sino ba namang ayaw di ba. Too bad, my dad's not here anymore. But when he died, I promised that i will take care of my mom and my siblings. I would make sure that they live happy and comfortable lives. And kung nandito pa sana si Papa, baka hindi pa sya namatay, dahil marami na akong pera, mapapagamot ko na sana sya sa pinakabonggang hospital. Ay, naluha naman ako dito. Nyarks! Anyways, take care of your family. Check on them once in a while, kahit text lang, or message sa facebook. Because life is short. We'll never know kung hanggang kelan lang tayo. kahit may kanya kanya nang buhay, magkakadugtong pa rin ang bituka natin. when all else fail, you can come back running to your family, and they won't judge you for that. :)

I believe that there is a leader in all of us. Siguro, hindi tayo lahat magaling magsalita sa harap ng maraming tao, but we can lead by our actions. Always set an example. Natutunan ko na kahit hindi ka popular, you can change lives. A simple smile can save a life. A prayer can do wonders. Deadma kung may mga kontra bulate. Basta ang motto ko, don't be the person that you hate. Wag na wag magpalamon sa mga negatrons. If you're doing the right thing, tuloy tuloy lang! And always encourage others. Dahil nga if you see them succeed, alam mo sa sarili mo, na nag-succeed ka din sa pag affect the life nila for the better. :)

I never imagined that i could love a being more than myself, until i gave birth to Gabgab. Being a mom for me is the most fulfilling and humbling role i have to play for the rest of my life. Siguro calling to talaga maging nanay. Dito ako pinaka nagiging masaya!!! Gusto ko na nga ng baby girl eh. Hahaha! To fellow moms, cherish your children and to all children, hope you'd show appreciation to your mothers. :D

Thank you 2012 for the tests and the victories. 
I am looking forward to more of these in 2013. <3