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a sorta fairytale


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A Tribute To My Husband, Bien Felix <3
Today is Holy Friday, and I am left alone in the house because my son and his dad went to my in-law's house. So I have some me time--reflected on what happened to me the past year, prayed to thank God for all the blessings, and made me realize that Bien is my greatest blessing.

Cheesy as it may sound but I am with tears as I write my heart out in this blog. Bien changed my life. He met me fresh out of college- lost, broke, sad but passionate and full of dreams. Glad that I made the mistake of kissing him one drunken night, because that moment saved me.

Bien gave me a home, pulled me out of my dormitory to live with him. He gave me a family because I was that girl from the province living alone in the city. As a young kid, I knew I will be big someday. I am confident but maybe it would be harder if he is not with me.  Bien was there all the way to push and support me-- he was there when I was down, doubting myself, he was there when I was tired, he was there to celebrate all my victories.

We had endured 9 years before finally tying the knot. Oh God those 9 years weren't easy. Our relationship experienced a lot of drama, hitting rock bottom and tests. But he was always the strong one. I fell into a lot of temptations, made a lot of bad decisions, but he loved me like how Jesus loved us. Seroisuly! He is insane--- selfless and just perfect.  And I am so lucky. Mind you, LUCKY is an understatement!

Sometimes I feel so unworthy, but I will always try. I will try to be the best wife because he deserves it. I may not say and show it often, but I love you so much Bien Theodore Felix. You are a gift to mankind. Gab, his future siblings and I will be forever grateful for you <3

Sharing our wedding video: https://youtu.be/6TMnwDSO1JA