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a sorta fairytale


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The Power of the Vision Board
I made my first vision board last year (2016). It started as a task when I joined Pru Life. Our manager asked us to make a visualization tool of our goals and dreams. I say it's very effective-- a daily reminder of what you want to achieve.

Here's my 2016 Vision Board:

I ticked off the following:
- a brand marketing job where I was able to spearhead a TVC Campaign
- got engaged
- not a member of the MDRT yet, but awarded Senior Achiever of Pru Life's National Achievers Club
- got a new car
- travelled (international and local), Europe and Japan still pending :p

So here's my 2017 Vision Board

This year will be about taking bold risks, working harder and trusting God's promise for rewards beyond my imagination.

I am excited for what's in store for me and my family this year! Woot! Woot!