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a sorta fairytale


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I am Engaged! #FinallyFelix
Everything you need, will come to you at the perfect time. Trust God's timing, it is always worth the wait.

So last December 3, we had a family vacation. I booked a flight to Bohol and stayed in Hennan Resort. Since December 6 is our anniversary, I told the hotel staff to prepare a cake and scatter rose petals all over the room.
When Gab and Bien saw the room, they were in awe. My surprise worked!

But life is funny and Bien indeed is one of a kind. He changed our lives 2 minutes after.

Congratulations to me, he finally put a ring on it!
8 years of patiently waiting---it's about damn time!
Made my heart and soul sooo happy. More than that, noone can erase the joy in our child's face when he found out we are gonna marry. Oh pure love.

Here's the link to the proposal video, captured by our 5 year old son. Great job Gab!