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a sorta fairytale


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2015 has been a great year!

Grateful for the following:

I've landed a career in Brand, still have a lot to learn..but I will get there! (Friends, make #Jergens a part of your skincare routine)
Inset from Cosmo Body (Cosmopolitan Magazine November 2015)

Vibelle Distribution Inc.

  • I'm able to inspire and change lives through PruLife UK (this one is my passion project)

PruLife UK Diamond-Sinagtala Unit

  • Bien and I managed to have our home renovated (no place like home indeed)

Felix Crib 2.0

My kitchen :)

  • And above all, I have that work-life balance that I've always wanted. I have more time now with my family!!!

​Lessons learned this year:

  • Prioritize. Weigh what matters the most--is it your time? salary? position? family? I decided to dedicate this year to being a mom and a homemaker, that's why I got the courage to give up my life in production.  Looking back, glad that I took that leap of faith.

  • Believe in yourself. You'll be surprised on what you are capable of doing. Grab every opportunity to learn something new.

  • Surround yourself with positive people. I am very lucky to have a very supportive partner and friends, who inspire me to be better. I went to more than 10 interviews when I was trying to look for a job in Marketing, but no one would hire me (because of my age vs. the lack of experience in brand vs. my asking price), but these people constantly remind me of my worth. The "Ms Bulagarias" of my life. :p

  • Do not compromise. You know what you deserve, it will be worth the wait, I swear.

  • Be sincere with your intentions. This I learned as a financial advisor for PruLife UK. Just help other people save for the future, help them protect their families. To be frank, it's very painful to bury a loved one--physically, emotionally, and even financially. Learned this when my father died and I do not want any other mom or kid to experience what I've experienced like having to deal with financial issues while mourning. Yes, I get commisions from every life insurance policy sold, but that is just a bonus. PruLife UK is a mission for my soul.

  • You know yourself better than anyone else. Do not allow anyone to drag you down. I deal with lot of backstabbers and judgemental people everyday, but I dont care. What's important is that you are happy and at peace with yourself.

  • Do your best and God will do the rest. Cliche but true.

For 2016, I just wish to travel more.  And i really want to have another baby by age 30, but I want to get married first. Haha. Demanding much! I will allow the Law of Attraction do its wonders. <3 Happy New Year!